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NCOA Service Provider - Leo Data Services
NCOA Service Provider - Leo Data Services online

For proper NCOA Processing, affording NCOA Services from a leading Online Marketing Solution provider like Leo Data Services is essential to maintain updated and periodically checked database because a lot of customers and people change or shift their place of residence and business, but their old addresses often stay within the mailer's database. Therefore, all the mailing activities continue to go to their old addresses rather than going to the new ones. It has been observed that at least 8% - 10% of all mails are undeliverable or inactive because of incorrect addresses. This means a massive loss in terms of opportunities, business, and economy rate.

National Change of Address (NCOA) Database makes you available with the current change of address information that helps in decrease in numbers of your undeliverable and inactive mails. NCOA detects the address errors and rectifies it before NCOA Mailing starts. By the use of NCOA, mailer saves the costs that is spent on wasted materials and ease the job of postal service. In addition, it helps in acquiring and retaining valuable customer names that was previously lost and updates it in the mailing list to receive current and future mailing activities.

If there is a match with your name and old address information in the NCOA database, NCOA Processing helps in providing your current change of address information. Moreover, a new address or an undeliverable status code is sent to you so that you can update it with the most recent address in your mailing list.

Benefits :

• NCOA Service assists in Updating the mailing list with the most recent information
• Provides each address's match and non-match status with a return or undeliverable code
• NCOA Mailing reaches to more number of customers by obtaining their current addresses
• NCOA Service saves the cost spent on wasted materials and postal services
• NCOA Mailing helps in acquiring and retaining customers

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