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Main » 2017 » July » 25 » 10 popular myths exposed: buying and selling online

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10 popular myths exposed: buying and selling online
10 popular myths exposed: buying and selling online online

Myth 1: “Only large stores are selling online”

People who are not yet accustomed to the Web tend to believe that selling online is a lot more complicated than it actually is and, as such, end up thinking that it is only something for large stores.

Origin: The fact that some people who are new to the Web don’t quite understand how easy buying and selling online can actually be.

Reality check: Do you have something you’d like to sell? Well guess what, all you need to do is sign up for an EBay account, for example, and there you have it. You don’t need to be a large store, you don’t need any past experience and, in the end, that’s what the Internet is all about: making opportunities such as this one available to everyone, making everything just one click away. 

Myth 2: “A seller with a professional website can always be trusted”

Once again, many beginners make the mistake of judging a book by its cover and, due to the fact that they still don’t understand how things actually work online, are easily impressed by a professional website and end up thinking that the seller can be trusted.

Origin: The effect a professionally designed website can have on a person who is inexperienced as far as the Web is concerned.

Reality check: There are a lot of talented designers and seo masters (for example out there who work for more than affordable rates and, as such, it is definitely possible to have a professional website designed for you for a few hundred dollars, anyone can afford such services. Does spending a few hundred dollars on a project make the person behind it more trustworthy? Of course not.

Myth 3: “You should just buy from the first seller you come across”

Why bother choosing between different offers if you can just pick the first one you come across? Wouldn’t you just waste a lot of time that way?

Origin: The “I’m too busy to search for other offers, this one will have to do” mentality.

Reality check: This is the Internet, everything is just one click away, you don’t actually have to walk all the way to each store like you do with offline ones. Too busy? No matter how busy you are, you can always afford to spend a couple of minutes (that’s actually all it takes) in order to analyze several offers and pick the one which works best for you.

Myth 4: “Only digital products should be bought online”

Some people tend to believe what, while buying digital products online is fine, you should always purchase everything else offline.

Origin: The lack of trust most folks have towards offline stores, which makes them think that only digital products should be purchased from them.

Reality check: Sure, there are online stores which can’t be trusted, but on the other hand, there are also more than a few great ones which will definitely make your decision of purchasing something other than digital products from them one which you will not regret. Sometimes, you won’t be able to find a certain item at your local stores, or the price may be less than tempting and, in such situations, searching for online alternatives is always recommended.

Myth 5: “All sellers will deliver”

While with myth#2 and myth#4 some people make the mistake of thinking that online stores, in general, cannot be trusted, others believe that all online sellers can be trusted, that all of them will deliver.

Origin: The lack of experience some people have with the Web, which makes them not realize that, in fact, there are a lot of sellers which should never be trusted, just as there are serious ones.

Reality check: Just because you’ve paid for a certain item doesn’t always mean that you will receive it as well if you didn’t do your job right as far as choosing your online seller is concerned. Everyone can just set up a website and there you have it, he or she is now an online seller. Can everyone be trusted? Of course not, that applies to the Web just as it does everywhere else so that it is extremely important that you are selective when it comes to the stores you will be buying from.

Myth 6: “What others say doesn’t matter”

A lot of people believe that they don’t need help when it comes to judging a certain online store, when determining if that seller is trustworthy or not, but is that really how things stand?

Origin: The “only my opinion counts” mentality, which makes a lot of folks not take testimonials into consideration.

Reality check: If you are serious about avoiding unpleasant surprises, taking what other people say into consideration as well is a must. Before choosing a certain online store, be sure to search for testimonials. Of course, not all of them can be trusted, but let’s just say that, if the vast majority of people were not satisfied with their experience, you should definitely think twice before purchasing from that seller.

Myth 7: “You need to set up a website in order to sell something online”

There are a more than a few people who have items they could list for sale online, but most of them don’t because they think that, in order to do so, they have to set up a website, and everything seems too much of a hassle.

Origin: The natural human reaction of staying away when something seems too complicated, when something seems far too difficult.

Reality check: No, you don’t need a website in order to sell something online, you don’t need to register the domain and design it, there are a lot of places where you can find buyers and where a website is not required. You can use EBay, you can use classified ads on or you can even place your ad on forums and allow others to contact you via email or phone, and, while having a presentation website never hurts, you can definitely sell a certain item without one.

Myth 8: “All EBay listings should be trusted”

Most folks have heard about EBay , about the fact that it is an important company and end up thinking that, as a result, all listings should be trusted. Is that the right attitude?

Origin: EBay ’s reputation, which makes a lot of people automatically associate all listings with the company and believe that they can be trusted.

Reality check: No, not all EBay listings can be trusted, there are more than a few sellers who should be avoided and it’s your responsibility to analyze everything in detail before making your purchase since otherwise, you could be in for quite an unpleasant reality check. 

Myth 9: “Only positive and negative feedback should be taken into consideration with EBay ”

Some people only analyze positive and negative feedback when judging an EBay seller, but what about neutral feedback?

Origin: The word “neutral”, which makes folks not pay much attention to this type of feedback.

Reality check: You need to always take a close look at comments as well and, whenever you see negative comments associated with neutral feedback, you should always treat it as a warning signal and think twice. If the person who has provided neutral feedback was not exactly thrilled about working with that seller, you should definitely ask yourself a few questions.

Myth 10: “An EBay seller with mostly positive feedback can be trusted”

You can come across a seller who has received positive feedback in most cases and end up thinking that you can trust that person just because of that fact. Is it really a wise approach?

Origin: A “you have to look at the big picture” way of thinking, which sometimes makes people not look into everything closer when a certain seller has mostly positive feedback.

Reality check: Details are important when dealing with sellers, never take things too lightly. Sure, a person could have received mostly positive feedback, but what about if, with the latest listings, he or she has only received negative votes? Shouldn’t that make you think things through before dealing with such a person? It definitely should.

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